Our Partners

Our Services:

Business Development:

Issue: $300M satellite company was providing on-site hosted services to a single broadcaster.
Engagement: Introduce company to other broadcasters to leverage existing platform and significantly increase operating margins.

Strategic Planning:

Issue: Struggling trucking company was in danger of losing largest client, which was selling its warehouse/fulfillment division, and in danger of going bankrupt.
Engagement: Wrote business case, negotiated and structured cash-less purchase of client’s division at a deal valued at $6M. Restructured company into a full service 3PL, offering trucking, warehousing and fulfillment services.

M&A Advisory Services:

Issue: Governmental agency seized oil-distribution company as part of a criminal conviction.
Engagement: Conducted auction, negotiated and structured sale of assets, valued at $12M, to a strategic buyer.

Technology Solutions:

Issue: How to provide wireless broadband access to thousands of spectators at “major” golfing event.
Solution: Devised a system using sprinkler heads as access points/repeaters, and delivered uninterrupted service during 4 day event.

IP Monetization:

Issue: 80 year old micro-cap public company was seeking ways to extract value from its patent portfolio, yet lacked capital to prosecute the same.
Solution: Introduced company to Fortress Investment Group and advised on transaction whereby Fortress purchased a 50% interest in the patent portfolio, and provided a line of credit to embark on a licensing/enforcement campaign.